If at any time a student has a problem with their uniform, they can ask the uniform coordinator, or the band director.  While many uniform items are ordered at the start of the year, adjustments can be made or replacements ordered if needed.

Marching Band Uniforms

  • Students provide their own black socks tall enough to cover ankles. If they forget their socks, they can buy a pair for $3.00 in the uniform closet.
  • The show shirt provided MUST be worn to all football games and competitions.
  • Marching shoes will be fitted and ordered at band camp, and provided before the first football  game.
  • Most students (varies per instrument) receive a shako (hat) that must be placed in its box after each use. The box will remain on the rack that your uniform is on.
  • Students will receive ONE new pair of gloves at the beginning of marching season. Please take these home and wash/air dry as often as possible. Extra gloves can be purchased in the uniform closet for $3.00 a pair.
  • Students will receive a half gallon water cooler that they will bring to all rehearsals and games. Lost water coolers can be replaced at a cost of $15.
  • Long hair (girls and boys) must be put up and fit inside your shako (hat).
  • No jewelry should be worn at shows, including no earrings.
  • No fingernail polish should be worn if it will show (depending on instrument played).
  • Shorts are required under the bibbers for every occasion. We recommend gym/athletic shorts.
  • If there is a problem of any kind at any time with your uniform, please see the Uniform Coordinator as soon as possible.

Concert Band

  • Concert uniforms are passed out in the fall. They go home with the students. They are to be  returned after the final performance with the garment bag and hanger. All uniforms must be returned CLEAN: men’s must be dry cleaned and returned WITH receipt. Ladies must be washed and hung dry.
  • Students who do not return all items assigned to them will be charged and payment to the school is required to walk at graduation.
  • Students provide their own black shoes. Boys may wear dress shoes or marching shoes if they are clean and in good condition. Girls must wear black closed toe shoes with a heel no higher than 1.5 inches.
  • All students must provide their own socks. Black socks covering ankles for boys, black hose or knee highs for the girls. Students will be charged $3.00 for socks per occurrence if they arrive without these items.
  • Tux shirts will be fitted and ordered for anyone wearing a tuxedo. If you attended LCMS and your shirt still fits you may use it. Cummerbunds and bow ties are provided and remain the property of Hagerty High School. Students will be charged for each item not returned.
  • All hemming is the responsibility of the parents. Please DO NOT cut or use fusing or hemming tape on any of the garments as it will ruin them
  • Please wash the dresses and spot clean the tuxes if needed before the first concert. All uniforms have been hanging in the uniform closet at Hagerty for the past 6 months.

Students are provided with one marching show shirt and one pair of gloves.

Extra Marching Show Shirt


Marching Shoes*


Extra Marching Gloves


Concert Tuxedo Shirt – Boys Only*


Color Guard

Color Guard Required Uniform Items:

Extra Marching Show Shirt$10

Note: New students need all items marked with a *.  Returning students can order replacements.